Hall of Residence

Professor-Anschütz-Haus is one of the different residences of the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein.

It is devided up into Herren- and Damenhaus, Doktorandenhaus and the Neubau Bremerstraße. Both the Damen- and the Herrenhaus were renovated a few years ago, but the other buildings are also in a well state.

By foot you can easily reach Kiel University within 3 minutes and you are also well connected to the local traffic. The Holtenauer Straße, where you have lots of possibilities to go shopping, is nearby. Furthermore, restaurants, clubs and bars for getting to know students life are very close to the PAH.


The so called Herrenhaus in the Bremerstraße 23 has been renovated in 2009. It offers furnished Appartements with attached bathrooms for 105 Students. The kitchen and the dining-room at the end of the floors are for shared use.

On the first floor there is a common-room. Laundry machines and dryers are in the ground floor of the Damenhaus. Also in the Damenhaus you find the so called Wilhelms Eck with two table soccers, a billard table and table tennis as well as the music-room.


The so called Damenhaus has been renovated in 2007. 75 Students live here on six floors. On each floor you find furnished single apartements with bathroom and kitchen as well as an appartmenent-sharing community of four students (so called WG) with two bathrooms and a kitchen. All rooms have internet access.

On the ground floor you find the laundry machines and dryers. On the first floor you find the music room and the so called Wilhelms Eck where you can play table tennis, billard and table soccer. In front of the Damenhaus is the bicycle storage room.

Neubau Bremerstraße

The houses of the Neubau Bremerstraße are in the Bremerstraße 30-40. Every house consists of six apartments, each shared by five students. Some of the rooms are furnished, they all have internet access. In each appartment there are two bathrooms, a kitchen and a common-room.

In the basement of every second house you will find a laundry machine (30, 36, 40). Every house has a storage room for your bicycles.


The so called Doktorandenhaus is in the Hansastraße 84, right behind the Damenhaus in the Bremerstraße 23.